Societe Generale’s Short and Long Leveraged ETP are designed to offer investors long or short exposure to a range of Underlying Assets, from equities to commodities and foreign exchange. 

In addition, the products embed a fixed leverage of 2x, 3x or 5x, meaning that for every £1 invested, the products provide you with exposure of £2, £3 or £5. This leverage is applied to the daily performance of the underlying asset each day. 

Societe Generale’s Short and Long Leveraged ETPs can be traded within your SIPP or ISA.

Simple & Accessible

Societe Generale’s Short and Long Leveraged ETPs can be traded just like a normal share via your broker. They can be bought and sold during standard market hours, as prices are quoted throughout the day on the London Stock Exchange.  

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What Are Short and Long Leveraged Exchange Traded Products?


Zak de Mariveles
Managing Director, Societe Generale

Societe Generale provides regular market commentary, thought leadership and product updates, aimed at providing greater insight for sophisticated investors interested in leveraged exchange traded products 

Societe Generale’s Short and Long Leveraged ETPs provide investors with leveraged exposure to underlying assets, much like CFDs and Spread Bets. Unlike CFD’s and Spread Bets you can never lose more than you invest. There are no margin calls and your loss is solely limited to what you invest.  

Potential Enhanced Returns With Limited Risk

A Wide Range of Underlyings

A Global Bank Solution

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Access exposure to the likes of the FTSE 100, S&P 500, Euro Stoxx 50, Oil, Gold and many more.  

The products are issued by Societe Generale. Societe Generale is a global bank employing over 145,000 people in 67 countries. Present on all major financial markets, Societe Generale has been a well known leader in global equity derivatives since 1989.  


These products are designed for sophisticated retail clients in the UK only

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